CircuitStorm Data Logger and Lap Timer for Android

CircuitStorm Data Logger and Lap Timer for Android

CircuitStorm Data Logger and Lap Timer for Android


Product Description

Join the Beta

We are now beta testing CircuitStorm with select racers and track day enthusiasts. Submit your info below to apply for a beta license and download link. Tell us about the driving that you do, and if you compete. While we would love to accept everyone, we do need to limit the number of participants in order to ensure adequate support.

Please note that you will need an Android device and either a GPS receiver or a supported data logger.

    Announcing CircuitStorm

    CircuitStorm is a comprehensive motorsports data logger, lap timer and analysis tool for Android 5.0+ devices, which allows you to log and analyze GPS/GNSS, OBD-II, Sensor and Video data all on your smartphone or tablet.

    Optimized for Time Attack and Endurance Racing, CircuitStormStorm gives you comprehensive insight into your overall performance on track while helping you go faster!

    Demo and Subscription Service

    CicruitStorm is sold on a subscription basis and includes limited storage on the Petrel Cloud service. Additional cloud storage can be purchased as a subscription add-on.

    CircuitStorm allows you to record up to 3 laps without activating a subscription. After activation, you can record unlimited laps.

    Supported Data Sources

    • Bluetooth GPS Receiver
    • Bluetooth OBD II Reader
    • Autosport Labs RaceCapture/Pro
    • Race Technology DL1 (with Bluetooth Serial Adapter)
    • Racelogic VBOX Sport
    • Garmin VIRB X/XE/Ultra 30 Wi-Fi Video Cameras (Ultra 30 most recommended)
    • GoPro Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Video Cameras (Hero 3 through Hero 8. Please note that the Hero 9 is currently being tested.)
    • Polaroid Cube+ Wi-Fi Video Camera
    • On-board Video Camera
    • Internal Accelerometer
    • Internal Gyroscope (on supported devices)
    • Built-in Math Channels

    Supported Telemetry Services


    Analysis Features

    • Designed to support fast decision making during Solo competitions.
    • Jog maps, data and video using customizable widgets.
    • Learn where and why you went faster with automated sectional analysis.
    • Overlay video and data on the device. No more editing on a PC.
    • Share logs and videos with Petrel Cloud.
    • Compatible with both phones and tablets.
    • Open licensing (run on as many devices as you want).

    Powered by GPS

    At the heart of CircuitStorm is a Global Positioning System based data logger. GPS offers an excellent price point for entry into race car data logging and analytics. There are many GPS receivers available to choose from, as well as some best practices for their use. Please read our GPS for Motorsports page to familiarize yourself.

    Powerful Video Processing Engine

    CircuitStorm allows you to combine your data and videos on your Android device. You can generate overlaid video showing a number of data channels, as well as picture-in-picture video to show an alternate view or to compare to another run or driver.

    Here is an example of a video overlay created with CircuitStorm:

    CircuitStorm allows you to use a combination of video sources, including the front or back facing internal camera, a Wi-Fi camera, as well as 2 additional auxiliary cameras that you manually control.

    Petrel Cloud Integration

    Purchase and additional Petrel Cloud Subscription in order to increase the amount of data that you can upload and share with CircuitStorm!

    What Do I Need?

    You will need to supply your own Android phone or tablet. Read the Hardware Requirements.

    At a minimum, you will need to purchase a CircuitStorm software subscription and a Bluetooth GPS receiver. These can be purchased as the SoloStorm GPS Package and also includes a suction cup mount for the GPS receiver.

    If your vehicle is legacy OBD II compliant (1998 to 2007), then you want to add a Bluetooth OBD II reader. This is included in the SoloStorm Connectivity Package, which builds upon the GPS Package. This will allow you to log throttle position and RPM which are key for driver coaching as well as vehicle tuning.

    If your vehicle is CAN OBD II compliant (2008 and newer), then consider the SoloStorm RaceCapture/Track Package. This will allow you to log OBD and other CAN bus channels at higher sample rates. On some vehicles (FRS/BRZ/GT86, for example) you can also log brake pressure and steering angle.

    If you want to log values such as throttle and RPM but you don’t have an OBD II compliant vehicle, or have a standalone ECU with CAN bus support, then consider the SoloStorm Race Capture/Pro Package. This package includes a dedicated data logger with analog sensor inputs, CAN bus connectivity, internal accelerometer and gyros, and much more. You can also run brake pressure, steering, or custom sensors with this logger.

    The Fine Print

    Purchases by Individuals

    Please note that the subscription price includes all future updates for the active subscription period. Licenses are non-transferable.

    Subscriptions for Groups, Schools, and Organizations

    Subscriptions for use by groups, schools, and organizations are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our sales team for more information.

    Staying Up-to-Date

    If at some point you are wondering what features are up-and-coming, you can view the SoloStorm Product Backlog and email support if you have any questions. If you have suggestions, bug reports or feature requests, emails us – we’d love to hear from you.

    If you are reinstalling CircuitStorm and need a new download link, or if you misplaced your unlock code, you can request that a recovery email be sent to you.

    Additional Information

    User Guide

    GPS For Motorsports

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hardware Requirements