Supported Hardware

SoloStorm will run on any Android 5.0 device and up.

Recommended Ideal Hardware Configuration

Optimal performance and video analysis can be realized with the following hardware:

  • Quad-Core Android Device, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and up (nothing that brands itself as Intel).
  • 10hz Bluetooth GPS Receiver (RaceCapture or Qstarz)
  • ELM 327 OBDII Reader (OBDLink MX+)
  • 32GB Class-10 external flash memory. This is only to ensure enough space for large video files. You may still use internal storage only.
  • Android 4.3 (Gingerbread) and up – Required for faster video processing with hardware acceleration.

SoloStorm runs best on higher-end ‘flagship’ Android devices, however it will also run on a Kindle Fire HD. Plesae note that the Fire HD does not have an internal GPS receiver so you will not be able to use it for testing. You will also have to take additional steps in order to complete the installation process. Please read the SoloStorm Installation Guide for more information.

Suggested Android Devices

SoloStorm requires a robust Bluetooth radio stack as well as the ability to transcode MP4 video files.

For tablets, we have had the best results with Kindle Fire HD 8 and 10 devices, however these do require additional installation steps which are covered in the software installation guide.

The Samsung Tab A 8″ also works well, however the newer models (2019 SM-T280) will only transcode 720p @ 30fps video files. Older versions (2017 SM-T380) will transcode up to 720p @ 60fps.

The Samsung S10 and S20 phones seem to work well, as well as the LG G series phones. Google Pixel phones seem to vary the supported video transcoding capabilities among the different models.

Android Head Units

It has been reported by customers that newer aftermarket Android heads units will run SoloStorm while supporting multiple Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. The Atoto Premium S8 seems to be a popular model. We have not tested any head units of our own, however.

Wifi-Enabled Cameras

SoloStorm can control and automatically download video from the following Wi-Fi enabled camera models:

  • GoPro Hero Cameras – we support all GoPro cameras*
  • Garmin VIRB (Ultra 30 recommended)
  • Yi 4K+ Action Camera
  • Polaroid Cube+

*Note: We work hard to keep up-to-date with the latest releases from GoPro, if you encounter any issues with GoPro connectivity, check for updates to SoloStorm or CircuitStorm and see if those resolve your issues.  If issues persist, feel free to reach out to us at

If your favorite action camera is not listed, you can still manually import your video and perform data overlays on the video files manually.

Hardware Connectivity Options

SoloStorm can make use of the following data channels from these devices:

Bluetooth NMEA GPS Receiver

  • GPS Position, Speed, Altitude, Accuracy and Satellite Count.
  • Internal lateral, longitudinal, and vertical acceleration.

RaceCapture/Pro + Bluetooth Module and RaceCapture/Track

  • GPS Position, Speed, Altitude, and Satellite Count @ 10 samples per second.
  • Internal lateral and longitudinal acceleration.
  • Throttle, Brakes, Steering and RPM.
  • Up to 2 customized channels. Analyze Boost, Oil Pressure, or any other channels you can capture through the RaceCapture.

Race Technology DL1 + Bluetooth Serial Adapter

  • GPS Position, Speed, Altitude and Accuracy @ 10 or 20 samples per second (depends on model).
  • Internal lateral, longitudinal, and vertical acceleration.
  • Throttle and RPM channels via external sensors or CAN expander.

Racelogic VBOX Sport

  • GPS Position, Speed, Altitude, Accuracy and Satellite Count @ 20 samples per second.
  • Lateral and longitudinal acceleration. Note that the VBOX Sport calculates these values based off of GPS speed and position.