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Petrel Cloud Subscription

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Product Description

Share Your Logs and Videos Between Devices and With Friends

Do you want to help or learn from your team mates during a big event? Do you want to share among students at your local driving school? Now you can!

Petrel Cloud allows you to seamlessly archive and share your logs and videos, download content that has been shared with you, and manage what you share with others.

Deep integration with SoloStorm and CircuitStorm means you can seamlessly access your data whenever, and wherever you want.

Note: This service requires that you have an active license for either SoloStorm or CircuitStorm.


All SoloStorm and CircuitsStorm license holders have free access to Petrel Cloud with a limited storage capacity. Additional capacity is available in 3 paid pricing tiers:



Storage Capacity

3 Logs (2.5MB)

2 Teams (5 Members)

2 Low-Res Videos (50MB)

2 Full-Res Videos (200MB)


Ad Free

Full Privacy Control

Customizable User Profile



Storage Capacity

20 Logs (5MB)

3 Teams (10 Members)

6 Low-Res Videos (50MB)

6 Full-Res Videos (200MB)


Ad Free

Full Privacy Control

Customizable User Profile



Storage Capacity

60 Logs (5MB)

8 Teams (30 Members)

20 Low-Res Videos (100MB)

20 Full-Res Videos (500MB)


Ad Free

Full Privacy Control

Customizable User Profile



Storage Capacity

700 Logs (25MB)

30 Teams (50 Members)

60 Low-Res Videos (250MB)

60 Full-Res Videos (1.5GB)


Ad Free

Full Privacy Control

Customizable User Profile


How to Order

New Subscriptions

If you do not currently have a Petrel Cloud subscription, simply add your desired plan to your cart and proceed to the checkout page.

If you already have an existing software license, you will need to provide your license email address before checking out.

You will be required to create a Petrel Data Systems shop account if you have not done so previously. You will need this to be able to manager your subscription.

Subscription Upgrades and Modifications

In order to modify an existing subscription, log in to your Petrel Data Systems shop account and make the necessary changes to your plan.

How It Works

Upload Your Logs and Videos

Select the logs and videos that you want to share from the SoloStorm or CircuitStorm storage browser, and upload them to the cloud.

It’s that easy!


Smart Background Scheduling

Uploading and downloading logs and video happens in the background while your device is powered on and connected to the internet. Failed transfers can be re queued, and video files are uploaded in multiple parts so that you can quickly recover if your internet connections is interrupted.


Share With Others

Select what you want to share with others, and who you want to share it with. You always maintain control of your data.

You can also use the cloud to archive your logs and video, and access them whenever you need.

No more running out of storage space!


Find Logs and Video Shared With You

Search for logs that match your own, or ones for events that you missed.

Want to get advice from your friends who couldn’t make it? Here you go.


Find Your Friends

Share your data publicly, or find your friends on Petrel Cloud and create teams for sharing.

What you share and with whom you share it are your choice.


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