AnalogX2 4 Channel Analog to CAN Interface

AnalogX2 4 Channel Analog to CAN Interface

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Product Description

The AnalogX is a compact 4 channel analog to CAN bus I/O expander, ruggedized and hardened for automotive and industrial applications.

The AnalogX2 allows you to easily add 4 analog channels to a RaceCapture/Track Mk3, or add an additional 4 analog channels to a RaceCapture/Pro Mk 4.


AnalogX provides 4 buffered and protected 0-5v sensor inputs, broadcasting  sensor values between 1 and 255Hz.  A 0.5A 5v reference is also provided for powering sensors.

Features at a high level:

  • Rugged and sealed Industry-standard M8 connectors for CAN/Power and sensors
  • Compact and environmentally protected design; IP65 rating
  • Compatible with the Autosport Labs Plug and Play Ecosystem (cables available separately) – 60 x 60 x 24mm / 100gm
  • Configurable CAN termination via internal DIP switches. See the Autosport Labs AnalogX documentation.

An Important Note About Wiring

The AnalogX2 does not include any wiring harnesses, and you will have to purchase them separately. We also sell the AnalogX2 as part of a preconfigured RaceCapture/Track Analog Expansion Kit that includes the wiring harnesses to connect the AnalogX to a RaceCapture/Track Mk3, adding 4 analog channels to your setup.

With the addition of the Autosport Labs Plug and Play wiring harnesses, you now have increased flexibility in how you build and configure your RaceCapture setup. Please read the following information about wiring accessories, and feel free to contact us for assistance on putting together a system that works for you.

Optional / Recommended Wiring Harnesses

We recommend the following wiring harnessed in order to connect your AnalogX to your RaceCapture Plug and Play capable data logger:

You can read more about the Autosport Labs Plug and Play Wiring System.

Plug and Play Sensors

We carry the following sensors that are compatible with the Autosports Labs Plug and Play Ecosystem:

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