Plug and Play Data for the 2022+ BRZ/GT86 Platform

We now offer a fully plug and play data logging and analysis solution for the 2022+ Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 platform.

These vehicles require additional hardware to connect CAN data loggers as they do not expose the CAN bus on the factory OBD port. Now that we carry the Ansix Auto CAN Adapter for the 2022+ BRZ/GT86 platform, you can easily install a plug and play RaceCapture/Track CAN-enabled data logger and configure it using the RaceCapture CAN presets.

This setup will allow you to pull engine speed, throttle, brake pressure, steering angle, coolant temperature and oil temperature. You can also add an AnalogX Expansion Kit and Oil Pressure Sensor to keep an eye on the state of your oil pump pickup.

The RaceCapture/Track can also be purchased as part of the SoloStorm RaceCapture/Track Package, a great idea if you are competing in one of SCCA’s Solo classes. This hardware package also works well with CircuitStorm, for those competing in Global Time Attack and other road racing series.