Ansix Auto CAN Adapter for 2022+ BRZ/GR86

Ansix Auto CAN Adapter for 2022+ BRZ/GR86

$77.00 USD

Product Description

The 2022+ BRZ/GR86 does not have CAN bus lines run to the onboard OBD II port, so in order to access the high-speed CAN data stream using RaceCapture/Track or RaceCapture/Pro data loggers, you need to tap in to a separate CAN line that is located behind the glove box on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Instead of cutting and splicing CAN and power wires, Ansix Auto has developed a plug-and-play harness that tees off of an existing connector for the Active Sound Control system.

This harness features matching male and female connectors that connect to the OEM harness, and provide an additional OBD II port for data logging purposes, that includes the necessary power and CAN bus lines in order to connect a RaceCapture logger via the OBD II connector cable.

Combined with the RaceCapture CAN presets available for these vehicles, this helps make a RaceCapture logger setup the best choice for anyone tracking or competing in a 2022+ BRZ/GT86. Available CAN channels include engine speed, accelerator position, brake pressure, steering pressure, coolant temperature, and oil temperature. Add in an AnalogX Expansion Kit and Oil Pressure Sensor to keep an eye on the state of your oil sump pickup.

Please note that this version of the Ansix CAN adapter maintains the Active Sound Control (ASC) functionality, and does not delete it.