SoloStorm RaceCapture/Track Package


SoloStorm RaceCapture/Track Package

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Product Quantity

SoloStorm Autocross Data Logger for Android

$203.50 USD

RaceCapture/Track Mk3 High-Gain GNSS + IMU + Dual CAN Data Acquisition System


Suction Cup Mount for GPS

$10.00 USD

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Product Description

SoloStorm can be configured to use the RaceCapture/Track Mk3 as a source of GPS and sensor data, with support for Throttle, RPM, Brake Pressure, and Steering Angle (depending on the OBD II or CAN channels available from your vehicle). SoloStorm can connect to the RaceCapture/Track Mk3 via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

RaceCapture/Track Mk3 is powered by the OBD II port of your 1996 and up model year vehicle.

This package includes SoloStorm, a RaceCapture/Track Mk3 data logger, and a Suction Cup Mount.

Please read the RaceCapture/Track product detail page to make sure that you order the correct configuration, as it requires a legacy OBD II adapter (optional) for 1996 to 2007 vehicles.

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