Additional Petrel Cloud Storage Options and End of Database Updates

As of software build 528, we are soft-launching a couple of new features in Petrel Cloud that make it easier to migrate your settings and data to a new device, as well as store a backup of your entire database.

For some time now, Google has been making it more difficult for customers to manage the files on their devices, so creating a backup of your database became a bit of a hit-or-miss endeavour.

To solve this, you can now backup and upload your entire database to your Petrel Cloud account from within the storage settings screen. You can download your backup at a later date and restore it on a new device, or on the same one if you were forced to perform a device reset.

To go along with this feature, you can also upload all of your app settings and download them for the same reasons. Downloading your app settings will only overwrite settings profiles with names matching the ones that were uploaded. Any profiles added after they were last uploaded will remain unmodified.

This is only a soft launch, as we have set what we believe are reasonable size limits for database backups in the paid cloud plans given the current pricing levels. We will listen to customer feedback and adjust things as necessary.

One more important note: this is the last software build that will allow customers to upgrade older versions of their data. We’ve encountered some issues with the legacy database library that does not play well with current build tooling, so if you have older data sitting around that you want to maintain, you need to migrate it to the current database format ASAP.