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25 Sep 2012
by petreldata
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SoloStorm v1.1 to support Race Technology DL1 Data Logger

We are pretty excited to announce that SoloStorm v1.1 will be able to receive telemetry from a Race Technology DL1 via a simple Serial to Bluetooth adapter. Here’s a picture of SoloStorm receiving telemetry from both the DL1 and a PLX Devices OBD II reader – because you can never log too many channels!

24 Aug 2012
by petreldata
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Team VCMC Powered by Petrel Data and SoloStorm

Petrel Data is proud to partner with Team VCMC as they compete in the Scion Tuner Challenge!

Lead by Richard Basford, Team VCMC will be taking their 2013 Scion FR-S, provided by Scion Canada, to the Canadian National Autoslalom Championships in order to compete in the first round of the Challenge.

The Team VCMC FR-S has undergone intense testing and development at local autocross events, and Petrel Data and SoloStorm have been there every step of the way in order to help them get the most out of their car and driver development.

Being grass-roots racers, we expect them to dominate this round. Make us proud guys!

18 Aug 2012
by petreldata
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2012 Solo Nationals On-Site Specials

Photo by Ken Au-Yeung

Do you want an edge over your competition at the Big Show? Of course you do! By competing at Solo Nationals, you have made a major commitment, and we want to help you climb that podium!

In order to help you achieve your goal, Petrel Data Systems will be offering a 10% discount on software to onsite competitors. We will also be selling GPS units for you to purchase as well, so you can save on shipping costs.

We will be pitted in Row 13, spot 7 – come and find us – you can’t miss the car. We will be happy to demo SoloStorm for you, as well as to answer any questions that you may have about getting the most out of your data.

Also, please come by early to borrow a demo unit for your Test and Tune sessions and see what other drivers have already discovered – that SoloStorm will take your driving to the Next Level!

06 Aug 2012
by petreldata

Thank You Beta Testers!!!

SoloStorm was officially released today, and as a thank you to our Beta Testers, they can purchase it at a significant discount, for a limited time.

There will also be a referral program put in place, more information will be released as soon as it firms up.

We hope that using SoloStorm has given you some insight into your driving, and made you a better competitor… so long as you don’t run in C Modified!

If you are making the trip down to US Nationals this year, please come find us – actually, you won’t be able to miss us!


24 Jul 2012
by petreldata
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SoloStorm Beta 4.2 Has Shipped

Photo courtesy of Ken Au-Yeung

Thanks to all those who have been sending in ideas for great new features, as well as those of you who are uncovering bugs.

Over the last month, much effort has been invested into making SoloStorm intuitive and easier to use. A number of stability issues have also been addressed, as  has been confirmed by early testing.

Additionally, a device compatibility list is currently being built. If you have a device that you would like us to test on, please let us know and we will do out best to borrow or rent one.

Lastly, we now carry the PLX Devices Kiwi Bluetooth OBDII reader. We feel that this is the only Bluetooth OBDII reader on the market that we are comfortable staking our reputation on.  It comes with a manufacturer warranty, and uses authentic ELM 327 chips.

24 Jun 2012
by petreldata

SoloStorm Beta v3 Released and User Forums Online

We want to let everyone know that SoloStorm Beta v3 has launched and includes many new features and bug fixes that were suggested by our testers.

For Beta v4, a few new features are planned such as a 2nd set of markers for ProSolo, as well as a time-slip data channel. The production version of SoloStorm should be ready by the end of July.

In other news, we are currently working on a detailed instruction manual to accompany SoloStorm. We have also launched a user forum for SoloStorm, so please register and join the conversation. Signup for Beta testing has been moved to the forum, and you can leave feedback and bug reports there as well.

Lastly, if time permits, we will also be looking at integrating with hard-wired data-loggers as a future option.

07 Jun 2012
by mmarich

Accepting Additional Testers for SoloStorm Beta v2

Just a note that Beta v1 has been performing better than expected in the field, therefore we have decided to open up the program again for new testers.

Beta v2 shipped the other evening, and is ready for more testers to come on board.

Just sign up by registering and posting in the Beta Signup Forum, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

28 May 2012
by mmarich

SoloStorm Beta Launch + Documentation Online

We are pleased to announce that Petrel SoloStorm has officially entered into Beta testing!

We would like to thank our Alpha testers for their feedback and patience. Over the last few months, SoloStorm has undergone many changes and has been continuously refined. We believe that the results speak for themselves – delivering a product that is intuitive, simple to use, and yet very powerful.

If you are looking for detailed information about SoloStorm’s capabilities, check out the documentation that is now online:

We have contacted registered Beta participants, and are eagerly awaiting their feedback.

In the meantime, we will begin work on a few additional features, as well as research developing a product for road racers – so stay tuned!

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