SoloStorm was built around a pretty simple idea: compare two laps together in order to figure out where you can go faster.

Over time, a number of people have asked to be able to compare additional logs at the same time. We decided to experiment with this, and here’s how it looks so far:

Compare Multiple Log and Video in SoloStorm

A couple of key points stand out. First, you must compare the laps in distance mode, otherwise there is too much noise in the channel traces. Given that, the Time Delta channel becomes even more important.

Also, providing useful information about many open logs on a smartphone screen is a real challenge; six seems to be the maximum number. We are still trying a few things, but this feature should be ready for general release before the spring season.

A note to our color blind customers: stick with only two open logs. We have optimized the rendering of the first two open logs for you by allowing for a special color palette, but there’s not a lot to work with.