Updates to SoloStorm Video Overlay

29 Aug 2017
by petreldata
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We have always believed that using a ‘clean’ layout is key to communicating information when viewing video with overlaid data. Nothing cluttered and flashy – just the minimum that you need. Think more airplane, and less video game.

Since we added support for steering and brake sensors, we needed to revisit how vehicle data is visually represented when overlaid on top of video. Doing this while keeping true to a minimalist aesthetic is a challenge.

We have decided to go with a mostly analog gauge solution for RPM, throttle, brakes and steering information. We feel that it communicates information effectively while still delivering a compact layout that does not distract from the video itself.

Check out this video for a look at how it is shaping up:

There will also be some more improvements on the way for video overlays, offering multiple layouts as well as more ways to display 2 videos together.

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We’re Going on Vacation!

Now that 2018 Solo Nationals are over, we are going to be away from September 14th to the 30th.

Our online store is still open during this time.

All software orders and US hardware oshipments will still be processed as usual.

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