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26 Apr 2012
by mmarich
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Bluetooth GPS Receivers + Online Store

We have just received our first shipment of QStarz BT-Q818XT 10Hz Bluetooth GPS receivers. Pricing will be $80 plus applicable taxes and shipping. Purchase of a BT-Q818XT includes a $10 credit towards the purchase of SoloStorm.

We will continue to source Bluetooth OBD-II readers in order to offer a complete out-of-the-box package.

In addition, we are currently getting our e-commerce and support infrastructure in place to ensure superior service for our customers.

14 Apr 2012
by mmarich
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SoloStorm Product Update and OBD-II Logging

We want to let everyone know that SoloStorm is now in the hands of a few Alpha testers, and we soon hope to be bringing the Beta test program online.

In addition, we are working on sourcing quality 10hz Bluetooth GPS receivers, and we will announce pricing and availability once a vendor agreement is in place.

We are also  pleased to announce that SoloStorm will ship with OBD-II logging capabilities via ELM-327 Bluetooth OBD-II readers. This is a very reasonably priced solution to acquiring throttle position and engine RPM data streams, which are key for driver analysis and engine tuning.

In fact, Gary Milligan and Joe Cheng (drivers of the A Modified ‘Vancouver Special’ and multi-time national champions), are convinced that throttle position is the single most important data channel to have. Who are we to argue!

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