Support for Time Attack Racing

08 May 2016
by petreldata
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Do you want the same advantage that SoloStorm offers Autocrossers, but for Time Attack and lapping days?

We’ve released the first version of SoloStorm that will give you just that.

If you are on the Beta release program, then just check for updates. Not on the Beta release program? Send an email to and we can add you.

The initial set of features includes a dedicated Time Attack race mode, a track list powered by, a lap and sector timing screen, as well as analysis customized for circuit racing.

We made a short video to show you how to configure and use SoloStorm for Time Attack:

Please give it a shot, and let us know what you think!

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We’re Going on Vacation!

Now that 2018 Solo Nationals are over, we are going to be away from September 14th to the 30th.

Our online store is still open during this time.

All software orders and US hardware oshipments will still be processed as usual.

Canadian hardware orders will be shipped after October 1st.

Matt will still be responding to emergency support emails due to service outages. Thanks for your understanding!