The New RaceCapture/Track Mk2 Data Logger is launching, with special pre-sale pricing available until June 27, 2018!

Autosport Labs innovated data logging for grassroots racers when they launched the original plug-and-play RaceCapture/Track, and now they’ve made it even better by adding a Bluetooth radio as well as a new, high-gain external GPS antenna.

If you have a CAN Bus enabled car, like the FRS/BRZ/GT86, then this is THE data logger to have! Depending on the vehicle, you can read Throttle, Steering, Brake, and RPM channels. The new Bluetooth radio also allows SoloStorm to connect to the RaceCapture/Track, while still controlling your favorite Wi-Fi camera.

The new high-gain GPS antenna is brought over from the RaceCapture/Pro Mk3 data logger, and offers superior performance and mounting options compared to the original internal antenna in the original RaceCapture/Track.

We are accepting pre-orders until June 27, 2018 at a saving of $50 on both the CAN and Legacy OBD II configurations. You can also receive the same savings on the SoloStorm RaceCapture/Track package.