New High-Quality Tablet Mounts and Power Adapters

For a long time, we have been recommending tablet mounts available from other companies, but we never found one that was good enough to carry ourselves – until now!

We’re excited to offer an adjustable aluminum tablet mount from Arkon Mounts. This mount is adjustable enough to fit 7″ to 10″ tablets, and it comes with a 4-hole AMPS foot for rigid mounting directly to your vehicle, or to another AMPS series arm that you supply.

To top it off, you can even lock your tablet in the mount so it won’t “walk away” while you are out working the course.

We’ve also sourced a pair of commercial-grade, fleet-use USB Power Adapters that fulfill all of our own needs:

A 12v socket charger for your production-based car that can charge 4 devices simultaneously with a combined current draw of up to 10 Amps @ 5 Volts.

A hard-wired power adapter with a unique ignition sensor that allows a current draw of up to to 2.4 Amps @ 5 Volts.

Like all of you, we’re pretty picky about what we use in our own race cars – so when we carry a product, you know it’s the right stuff!