SoloStorm Updates – Video Overlays

We’ve been hard at work for some time enhancing the video overlay capabilities of SoloStorm and CircuitStorm. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most compelling and professional overlays available for racing videos, and we think we’re on track to blow away everything else in the market.

We have improved almost all aspects of our video overlays including graphics, typography, and color palette. While we have a few tweaks left to make, here’s what we have so far for the single-video layout:

The above single-video layout can also be configured to include a picture-in-picture window when including video from an additional camera for the same set of logged data. We are also working on a low-profile layout for single-video overlays, which will consume less screen real estate.

All multi-log overlays will now use a side-by-side format. The source videos can either be scaled and cropped to take advantage of the available layout height, or scaled to fit the entire frame as in this example:

We’ve also provided additional customization of the video introduction window, which can now contain additional text and up to 5 sponsor logos.

Lastly, you can also export videos in downgraded resolutions and frame rates as many Android devices do not support encoding of 4k and 2k videos.

We’re excited to soon be shipping these new features to our beta customers for testing, and to everyone before the summer racing season is in full swing.