Petrel Cloud Officially Launched

Petrel Data is excited to announce the official launch of Petrel Cloud, bringing additional online storage capacity to SoloStorm and CircuitStorm. With the official release, customers now have the option of purchasing additional storage capacity beyond the limited free plan that is included with your software license.

Sharing and Teams

While you can share data publicly or privately with friends, Petrel Cloud also helps you organize your contacts into teams for sharing logs and videos. Whether its to help the group get faster or just gain bragging rights, Petrel Cloud provides you with the tools you need:

      • Create public or private teams of racers to share data
      • Create multiple teams for various race series, school or events
      • Manage team membership by with various levels of membership control
      • Share publicly or privately via direct links

Cloud Subscription Options

Every SoloStorm and CircuitStorm license includes the Novice Subscription to Petrel Cloud.  Additional options increase data capacity to meet your sharing and cloud analysis needs.

Check out the Petrel Cloud product page to learn which plan has the right capacity and pricing options for you.

To subscribe, and your selected plan to your cart. At checkout, you will be required to create an account. You can optionally log in if you have previously created an account when purchasing software. Provide the license email used to unlock your software, and after checking out your Petrel Cloud subscription will be updated.