We’re working on a number of updates to SoloStorm and Petrel Cloud, some of them being requested by users since SoloStorm 2 was released earlier this year. While many updates are being made to improve existing functionality and make the software easier to use, some larger updates are also on the way.

Petrel Cloud Subscriptions

We will be implementing an account portal for Petrel Cloud where you can upgrade your storage capacity by subscribing to one of 3 plans: Competitor, Champion, and Coach. Plan capacities and pricing are still being finalized.

In the future, we will also add online analysis to the Petrel Cloud portal where you can view logs and videos that you have uploaded or that have been shared with you.

CircuitStorm Public Beta

We have finished adding support for Endurance Racing to CircuitStorm, and will be starting a public beta in the spring. If you are interested specifically in Time Attack or Endurance Racing, please contact zach@petreldata.com to be added to the list of Beta testers.


Support for UI Portrait Orientation

While certain activities work best with the mobile device in landscape orientation, it will soon be possible to lock SoloStorm in landscape orientation (default), portrait orientation, or enable sensor-based rotation that will change with the device position whenever the logger is powered off.

A number of people have requested this feature due to limitations in how they can mount their device in their vehicle. We have also tested analysis in portrait orientation, and enjoy how it allows for one-handed operation in cases where you may be wearing gloves.

The onboard video cameras still capture video in their native landscape orientation, so it will be rotated into a portrait orientation as well. A new video layout is being designed to accommodate this.


GoPro Hero8+ support

Newer GoPro cameras are controlled via a Bluetooth Low Energy interface, and the Wi-Fi radio is only required to list and retrieve files from the SD card. We are working on reverse engineering the new Bluetooth control protocol, and should have support ready by the spring of 2021.

Newer Android versions restrict access to Wi-Fi networks by apps, so using the Bluetooth interface will allow SoloStorm to define its own Wi-Fi network connection to the camera using information provided by the camera. This should simplify wireless camera configuration.

Improved Internal Camera Stability

We have added support for a new internal camera library from Google, called CameraX. This library is tested by google on a large number of devices, and addresses a number of stability and compatibility issues. This will be the default interface used to record video on supported devices.

This should also allows the app to capture video at higher frame rates and resolutions if supported by the device. This ability will be added in future releases as the CameraX library is further developed by Google.

Updated Video Overlay

Since we are supporting video capture in portrait orientation, the video overlay graphics are being redesigned from scratch. We expect to have a fresher, more versatile data overlay available when exporting videos from SoloStorm.