SoloStorm 2 Release + Web Site Update

After over 2 years of work, the much-anticipated update to SoloStorm is now released and available for download!

From day one, our goal has been to produce faster, more competitive drivers, and we believe that this product represents a major milestone in our mission. A number of new features and significant improvements contribute to making SoloStorm the gold standard driver analysis tool for serious grassroots racers.

Major New Features

Upon opening the updated app for the first time, you will notice some major differences when compared to the previous version. Some of the available new features are:

  • An updated user experience making the app easier to navigate
  • Improved analysis capabilities and data visualization
  • New predictive lap timer and coach for Time Attack and Hill Climb
  • New storage database with trash bin
  • Support for Porsche Gen 2 Wi-Fi modules found in newer GT cars
  • Telemetry integration with to stream road racing laps
  • Built-in contextual help and user guide
  • Integration with the new Petrel Cloud service





Expanded Video Capabilities

Video analysis and processing have also received some significant updates, making it easier to work with video files and create compelling overlaid videos. You can also add video files that span multiple laps, and export them as a single file.



Announcing Petrel Cloud

SoloStorm 2 integrates with the new Petrel Cloud platform for cloud-based sharing and storage. The older SoloStorm Cloud platform will be retired shortly and all customers are encouraged to update to the new app.

Petrel Cloud was written as a brand new service from the ground up, based on what we learned with SoloStorm cloud. We have made it easier to transfer, share, and find information and will work to continuously improve the service. We will soon allow customers to purchase increased storage capacity for an annual cost.

Supporting Modern Android Devices

In addition to new and improved functionality, additional changes were made to accommodate security restrictions and permission requirements on newer Android devices.

We are committed to maintaining our software on new versions of Android and new devices as they come to market.

Web Site Updates + User Guide

We have updated our web site in order to reflect the changes to SoloStorm, as well as to promote CircuitStorm, an upcoming new app exclusively for road course drivers, focused on lapping days, time attack, and endurance racing.

The online SoloStorm user guide has been updated to include the exact same contextual help content from within the app. Images are extracted from the app using test automation, so the user guide will always be up-to-date.

Please Download And Update Soon

Current versions of SoloStorm can be automatically or manually updated to the new version, however if you are experiencing issues, you can always request a current download link by using the automated support form.

Older versions of the app will no longer be supported, and access to cloud storage will require the current version as well.