We’ve been pretty quiet lately due to work demands, but we now want to share with you some exciting news about new products that will be rolling out, as well as major product updates that are in progress.

Announcing SoloStorm 2

SoloStorm 2 represents a major rethink on the product that redefined performance analysis for solo racers. What started as a replacement for the log and video storage system has rolled up to a major UI update, and includes a number of improvements and new features.

SoloStorm 2 is currently in the Alpha build stage, and is being actively used and tested by a group of customers ho are providing feedback, suggestions, and bug reports.

Here’s what’s in store:

All-New User Interface and Optimizations for 7″ and 8″ Tablets

Using modern standards for Android apps, we’re making SoloStorm much easier to use. Major changes to the user interface include:

  • Introduction of Material Design Components and best practices in order to make controls and actions more obvious.
  • Revised layout of analysis widgets to allow for more available information, without cluttering the screen and confusing the user.
  • A new lap-timer for Time-Attack and Hill Climb race modes with improved visualization.
  • A new navigation drawer for quick access to the most important settings.
  • Designing a new logger screen that is clearer and more concise.

The small tablet form-factor has proven to be so popular with SoloStorm users, that we are optimizing the UI for take advantage of the additional screen size when compared to a phone.

Rethinking Video

As part of the work to improve Time Attack experience, videos can now span multiple laps. The controls to work with videos have also been rethought and made more clear and easier to use.

Video overlays are also going to receive some more attention.

All-New Storage Implementation

No more disappearing log files thanks to Android ‘cleaning’ apps! We’ve build an entirely new storage system using Realm, which gives us some huge benefits in stability and flexibility. And yes, we will be adding a ‘trash bin’, just in case you accidentally deleted those winning runs from Solo Nationals.

Rebuilding Cloud Storage

SoloStorm cloud has proven hugely popular, with a majority of users using it to share data and learn with their friends. When we first built this platform, we didn’t really know how it should work, or what it should do.

In order to take it to the next level, SoloStorm Cloud is being completely rewritten with a new search engine to power it. While it’s only in the early stages, but expect things like centrally manged teams, a much-improved search, and a more intuitive UI.

Introducing CircuitStorm

We think that we’ve built the best data logging and analysis tool for grassroots racers, and we want to bring that capability to the track-day crowd by launching a new app in the Google Play Store, called CircuitStorm.

CircuitStorm is based on SoloStorm, however it will only feature Time Attack capabilities and will be priced on an annual subscription basis. We’re looking to disrupt the market for ‘lap timers’ and other boxes with blinking lights, and think we have a good shot at it. More progress updates on CircuitStorm will be released through 2019 and 2020.

SoloStorm will still contain all of the Time Attack features developed for CircuitStorm.