SoloStorm RaceCapture/Pro Package


SoloStorm RaceCapture/Pro Package

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Product Quantity

SoloStorm Autocross Data Logger for Android

$176.00 USD

RaceCapture/Pro Mk 4 Data Acquisition System

$679.95 USD

Autosport Labs 8 Channel Analog / Digital Sensor Splitter

$42.95 USD each

Autosport Labs 4 Channel Analog / Digital Sensor Splitter

$34.95 USD each

Autosport Labs 4 Channel Sensor Extension Cable

RaceCapture OBD II Cable (CAN Bus or Legacy Adapter) M8 Connector


Product Description

SoloStorm can be configured to use the RaceCapture/Pro Mk 4 as a source of GPS and sensor data, with support for Throttle, RPM, Brake Pressure, and Steering Angle. Support for 4 customized analog channels is also included, allowing you to monitor and tune air/fuel mixture, boost, or even damper position – the possibilities are endless!

This package includes SoloStorm and a RaceCapture/Pro Mk4 Data Acquisition and Telemetry System plus certain wiring harnesses packaged as a kit. Please select the optional wiring harnesses at checkout.

Also, please note that you will need a separate RaceCapture Plug and Play OBD II (CAN or Legacy OBD II) cable if you wish to log data from your vehicle’s OBD II port.

The new RaceCapture Plug and Play Ecosystem requires that you purchase separate wiring harnesses with the RaceCapture/Pro Mk4. Please make sure that you read the product details for the logger, and also order the necessary wiring harnesses and accessories in order to complete your build. You can contact us for help in determining the best solution for your needs.

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Autosport Labs 4 Channel Sensor Extension Cable


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