ShiftX3 – RGB Sequential Shift Light + Gear Indicator + Alerts

ShiftX3 – RGB Sequential Shift Light + Gear Indicator + Alerts

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Product Description

The ShiftX3 is a multi-function, configurable display designed to work with your RaceCapture data logger.

This version of the ShiftX3 is equipped with a M8 connector which allows it to plug into any RaceCapture logger that supported the Autosport Labs Plug and Play Ecosystem.

Fully Customizable RGB Sequential Display for Your RaceCapture System

ShiftX3 has 9 super-bright RGB LEDs in a compact, surface-mountable package, with plug and play wiring.

Compatible with:

  • RaceCapture/Pro MK4
  • RaceCapture/Track MK3

Configurable 7 Segment Display

You can setup ShiftX3 to show your current gear, or have it show any RaceCapture channel value you’d like. Use it as a sequential shift light and never miss a shift.

  • Set up a shift light to show any color, with up to 5 RPM thresholds – even customize it to flash.
  • Use it to visualize your predictive lap times and shave seconds off your best lap.
  • Use the center gauge to visualize your current lap time performance against the session’s best time. Green bar means you’re beating the best lap.
    Use it for sensor alerts and save your engine
  • The two flanking LEDs can be individually controlled to light up at sensor thresholds. Up to 5 trigger thresholds can select any color and variable flash rate.

Left and Right Navigation Hard Buttons

ShiftX3 includes navigation buttons that will scroll your RaceCapture dashboard screen left and right – perfect for gloved operation.


An on-board photosensor will auto-dim the display, a necessity for nighttime racing.

Easy to Install and Configure

With the Plug and Play wiring system, it’s easy to connect the ShiftX3 to the CAN network on your RaceCapture logger. Check out the Autosport Labs Wiki for full installation guide.

An Important Note About Wiring

The ShiftX3 connection cable is only 1m in length, so in most installations you will need an extension cable in order to connect it to your CAN network, as well as a CAN splitters depending on your configurations. The wiring harnesses that you may need are as follows:

What’s In The Kit

Every ShiftX3 includes:

  • ShiftX3
  • Mounting screws

Additional information

CAN Installation Kit

Include CAN hub installation kit, I will custom wire it myself