Do you want to use the same driver and vehicle development tools for road race, time attack, and lapping day events that you already use for autocross?

While SoloStorm has set the standard for autocross data logging and analysis, many customers have asked for a solution for circuit courses as well. We’ve have some unique ideas about what problems a tool for circuit events could help drivers solve, so we have decided to make this work a priority.

First, there are a couple of additional features that many of you have requested for autocross that will also be required for circuit events.

The most important of these features is the ability to jog and analyze logs by distance as well as time. This feature is completed and being tested for the next release of SoloStorm. Check out this video to learn more about it.

We have also added the ability to display lap times when loading logs or browsing them in the cloud. Times are calculated but may be manually specified as well.