We’re adding a number of new features to the SoloStorm video overlay engine to make it easier to compare video from multiple cameras and separate laps.

With the focus on multiple video sources, we have built new layouts for side-by-side, top-and-bottom, flexible picture-in-picture, and ghost (semi-transparent) overlays.

There are flexible clipping and stretching options for each layout, as well as the ability to sync the videos by distance instead of current lap time. This allows you to better understand the differences between driver inputs, vehicle position, and response.

We have also made the overlay settings smarter by saving your selections and allowing you to reuse them when creating additional videos.

Building upon recent changes to improve the overlay visuals, we have had to revisit how information is displayed in order to allow data from 2 different laps to be rendered simultaneously for easy comparison.

Visual design was definitely the most challenging part of this project. Since we received excellent feedback when testing the last change to the overlay design, we are looking for more of the same before putting this into the Beta release stream.

If you want to try out the new overlay engine, shoot a quick email to support and we will send you the link to the latest ‘canary’ download.

In the meantime, check out these screen caps of some different overlay layouts.

Side by Side

Side by Side Comparison by Distance


Top and Bottom

Top and Bottom Comparison by Distance


Flexible Picture in Picture

Flexible Picture in Picture Comparison by Distance