Autosport Labs Powered 8 Port Dual CAN Bus Hub

Autosport Labs Powered 8 Port Dual CAN Bus Hub

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AutoSport Labs RaceCapture M8 to Dual CAN Bus Link Cable

Product Description

Provides a hub for two CAN bus networks, with power input. Provides power to CAN bus devices along with providing power to the connected RaceCapture system.

Power is provided via the included pigtail connector, and can be used as a pass through for CAN bus 1. A Plug and Play OBD CAN Cable can also be used to power the hub and RaceCapture logger while interfacing with the vehicle bus.

To connect the powered hub to a RaceCapture logger via the CAN1 + CAN2 M8 connector, you will need to purchase a separate Dual CAN Interconnect cable.


  • Supports two CAN bus networks
  • Power + CAN connection to CAN 1
  • 4 M8 CAN ports per network (8 ports total)
  • Includes 2 meter power + CAN pigtail
  • RaceCapture Integration cable available separately