Autosport Labs CAN + Power Pigtail for Device

Autosport Labs CAN + Power Pigtail for Device

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Product Description

Power + CAN pigtail for connecting a device, M8 4P female to bare wires, 1 meter.

Used as a bare wire harness for a non plug-and-play installation of an Autosports Labs CAN device/sensor with a custom, non plug-and-play CAN network, such as with an existing vehicle CAN bus or standalone ECU. This pigtail is NOT used to connect power to the CAN hub or RaceCapture devices, as those require a MALE connector.

Connector Types

M8 4P female to 4 x 24GA tinned


  • M8 4P FEMALE to tinned / prepared wires
  • 1 Meter length
  • Pinout:
    • Red / Pin 2: +12v
    • Black / Pin 4: Ground
    • White / Pin 1: CAN Low
    • Green / Pin 3: CAN High