This page is written with the goal of setting up the bare basics of a RaceCapture set up to get you logging driving data quickly.  Note that RaceCapture has a lot of capability to capture vehicle telemetry and this is not meant to provide in-depth instruction on those advanced features.


  1. Configure RaceCapture – Follow RaceCapture documentation as to how to download a preset configuration for your vehicle, this will help RaceCapture interpret the data channels for SoloStorm to record
  2. Mount your RaceCapture device – ensure it is mounted as per RaceCaptures instructions, with the device having a good view of the sky to ensure good GPS data
  3. Configure SoloStorm or CircuitStorm – it is important to select the correct “RaceCapture ABC” channels otherwise SoloStorm or CircuitStorm will receive no data to record, see below

Camera connectivity is not considered essential to the setup, please refer to the Camera/Video sections for assistance.

1. Configure RaceCapture

NOTE: Follow RaceCapture documentation to do this via either their laptop application or mobile application.  You can power up the RaceCapture device using the regular USB cable to do this in your home rather than in your vehicle

    1. Power up your RaceCapture device
    2. Connect your mobile device to your RaceCapture device via Bluetooth
    3. Start the RaceCapture App
    4. Tap Setup
    5. Tap First time Setup, follow the prompts for your device type
    6. When complete, you will have applied a vehicle template to the RaceCapture

2. Mount and connect your RaceCapture device

Follow the instructions for mounting your RaceCapture device in your vehicle.  It is best to ensure the device has a clear view of the sky to ensure a good GPS lock.

3. Configure SoloStorm for RaceCapture

    1. In the SoloStorm App, go to Main Menu > Settings
    2. Tap GPS / Logger > Tap GPS / Logger Source > Tap the type of RaceCapture device you are using: RaceCapture Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Logger  (NOTE: Mk1 are Wi-Fi even though they have a bluetooth component)
    3. If using a RaceCapture Wi-Fi:
      1. Ensure your mobile device is connected to the RaceCapture Wi-Fi
      2. Tap Wi-Fi Device SSID after you have selected RaceCapture Wi-Fi Logger
      3. Select the RaceCapture Wi-Fi network
    4. If using a RaceCapture Bluetooth:
      1. Ensure your mobile device is paired to your RaceCapture bluetooth connection
      2. Tap to select your RaceCapture bluetooth device from the list
      3. Exit the menu
    5. Ensure that Vehicle Telemetry is set to None / GPS Logger
    6. Go to Settings > Logger and Maths Channels
      1. Tap each data channel and scroll down and select the corresponding “RaceCapture ABC” option.  E.g. for RPM, look for and select “RaceCapture RPM”  NOT OBD Scan Tool RPM
      2. Repeat for all channels you wish to capture
      3. Aux Channels are for additional channels that you will have to ensure you have provided mapping for within RaceCapture

RaceCapture Configuration is now complete!

Ensure that you are connected to the RaceCapture Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as appropriate at your event as often devices can get confused and leave you without any recorded data.