Current as of: Jun 9, 2021

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App Crash caused by Android 11 & SD Cards

Symptom:  App continually crashes and will not start up

Cause:  Android 11 updates have caused an issue in file handling on SD cards if SoloStorm was set to store data on SD card rather than Internal Storage


  1. Clear Private Data to recover from the app start-up crash
    • Go into your Android Settings > Apps > SoloStorm > Storage > Clear Data (it may read Clear Private Data)
  2. Re-start SoloStorm – keep the setting to store data on the on-board memory

Resolution ETA:  At this time, the database library vendor has made no progress on patching this issue. We are bouncing ideas for workarounds about, but we may have to remove that library and replace it with a completely different and Android-native database implementation. This will probably happen in the fall to winter months, and is a lot of work. In the meantime, SoloStorm on Android 11 devices must be set to store data on Internal Storage only.