mobile-analysis-330Do you have a GPS receiver, GoPro WiFi camera, OBD II reader, Race Capture/Pro, VBOX Sport, or DL1 data logger?

Have you ever imagined a software platform that can control all of your devices, unite all of your data in one place, and then help you analyze it in a way that is both intuitive yet powerful?

Photo by Ken Au-Yeung


Do you want a product built for Solo racers, by Solo racers?

SoloStorm is a Mobile Data Logging and Analysis platform built for Autocross, Hill Climb, and Pro Solo, and it is quickly becoming the standard for Solosport driver and car development!
Petrel Sponsored drivers Andre and LeslieSoloStorm offers advanced features such as hard-wired data logger integration and onboard video recording and overlaying. Read the full list in the SoloStorm Product Details.