SoloStorm Cloud User Guide

Before You Begin

To get the most out of SoloStorm Cloud, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Internet Access

SoloStorm Cloud requires an active connection to the internet. Transferring logs and videos can incur data or internet usage fees, and this solely your responsibility to manage. Petrel Data System is not responsible for additional usage fees resulting from the use of this service.

We strongly recommend purchasing a data plan with no ‘caps’ on transfer amounts if you will be working with video.

Accurately Configuring Events

If you wish for your logs to be found by others, make sure that you select the correct course location before logging your runs when attending events with multiple courses, such as Solo Nationals.

SoloStorm Event Configuration

This is important for events where the same course can be run over multiple days and the location and date of the event is not enough to determine which course a log was created on. This is normally done by day and rough location, however running multiple courses at the same event site requires additional information.

For example, if you run the East Course on Wednesday and a friend runs it on Friday, selecting the course location will allow SoloStorm Cloud to match your logs and compare them to each other.

Accessing SoloStorm Cloud

SoloStorm Cloud is accessed via the Log Manager, and is only available once you have unlocked SoloStorm on your device.

In analysis mode, tap the Logs button to manage your log files. The Cloud button is displayed next to the dropdown list of event names.

SoloStorm Log Manager

Note that access to SoloStorm Cloud requires an active internet connection.

Uploading Logs and Videos

To upload logs to the Cloud, tap each log that you wish to upload as if you were going to open it for analysis, and then tap the Cloud button.

SoloStorm Cloud Upload

Note that the Cloud button changes state when you select logs, allowing you to upload the selected logs.

You will be prompted to upload low resolution and full resolution videos with your logs, as well as select the sharing permissions. You may also change the sharing permissions after uploading the logs.

Logs may be shared publicly, with a selected team, or not shared at all.

Please note that uploading full resolution videos can be very time consuming. Even low resolution videos (recorded from GoPro cameras), can take several minutes to upload if you are not on a high-speed internet connection.

The upload process may be cancelled at any time by tapping on the soft Back button, or by tapping outside of the upload status dialog.

Logs that have previously been uploaded to SoloStorm Cloud will display an icon indicating this.



The maximum number of logs and videos that you can upload is determined by your Cloud Plan.

Manage My Logs in the Cloud

To manage and share logs in the Cloud, tap the Logs button. Ensure that no logs are selected and then tap the Cloud button.

SoloStorm Cloud Button

The My Logs tab shows events and logs that you have uploaded.

Each item in the list of events will display storage icons that indicate if it is saved only in the cloud, or if it is still saved on local storage as well. This will happen when you use the Cloud to archive your logs and videos, and then delete them locally in order to save space.

My Event

Each log listed will display a number of icons that indicate its features and status:

My Log

The log is currently being shared:


The log has video associated with it:

Log with Video

The number of times the log has been downloaded by someone other than myself:

Log with Downloads

Getting Social

Now that you know how to access SoloStorm Cloud and upload your logs and videos, it’s time to help your friends and learn from others.

Sharing Logs

Tap the Sharing button on a log that you wish to share.

Log Sharing

Select the teams that you wish to share this log with. You may also choose to share this log publicly so that everyone may see it.

Log Sharing Dialog

Creating and Managing Teams

Tap the My Teams tab in the action bar menu.

You may to create teams of friends that you can share with. To create a team, tap the Add button.

My Teams

Provide a name for the team, and find friends by typing their first or last names. You will be able to select friends from a list of matching names.

Add Team

In order for someone to appear in the list of available friends, they must have previously accessed SoloStorm Cloud, and not set their visibility to Private.

The number of teams that you can create, and their size, depends on your Cloud Plan.

Finding Shared Logs

Select the Shared With Me tab from the action bar menu.

In order to find logs, SoloStorm Cloud needs to know what event you want to find matching logs for.

The event that you select can be one of your locally stored events, or an event that has logs shared with you. Icons will indicate where each event is stored.

Logs Shared with Me

Logs Matching Events that I Have Attended

In order to find logs for events that you have attended, select your local event from the list. Any logs that match that event will be dispayed, and may be downloaded as part of your local event.

Local Event

These logs will be downloaded to your local event and can be loaded and compared with your own logs.

Logs Matching Events that I have Not Attended

In order to find logs for events that you have not attended, tap the Filter button and select the month where the event took place. This is necessary because the list of events can be quite long.

Cloud Event Filter

Event Filter

Next, select an event that only has a Cloud status icon.

Cloud Shared Event

Note: These logs will be downloaded to a new local event with the same name. If you have previously downloaded logs for this event, then additional downloads will be added to the existing event.

Downloading Logs

Tap to select each log that you wish to download, and then tap the soft Back button. You will be prompted to download available videos with the logs. Full resolution videos can take a long time to download.

If you are downloading logs for an event that does not have markers locally, any markers associated with the log will also be downloaded and set.

Viewing and Upgrading your Cloud Plan

You can view your current SoloStorm Cloud Service Plan by selecting the My Cloud Plan tab from the action bar menu.

My Cloud Plan

This tab displays the maximum capacity and size of each feature, as well as the capacity currently used.

The base-level cloud plan is free and includes limited storage and sharing capacity. You may upgrade to a plan with greater capacity by tapping the ‘Upgrade’ button, and then providing your payment details. Cloud plans are based on annual pricing and use recurring billing.

You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, however the annual fee for your cloud plan is non-refundable.

Note that this service is in Beta testing and can not yet be upgraded.


If you require further assistance, please contact Petrel Data Systens support.

All data transfer and sharing activities in SoloStorm Cloud create audit entries, so we can help you if any issues arise.

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