SoloStorm AcademyPetrel Data Systems is proud to announce our newest venture, SoloStorm Academy!

SoloStorm Academy aims to revolutionize all autocross driving schools, starting with club and regional programs. Our goal is to improve student learning at all levels by helping provide both the technology and the curriculum that you need in order to consistently grow your students.

When partnering with us, you will reduce the time that it takes for novice students to learn the fundamentals of autocross, as well as provide veteran racers with objective data in order to get those few extra tenths out of themselves and their cars.

SoloStorm Academy achieves this by providing your autocross school with all of the required hardware and SoloStorm software ready for use with your students in an affordable, on-demand model. You provide the instructors, and leave the technology to us.

Please contact us to see how SoloStorm Academy can help make your next driving school a runaway success!