Autosport Labs Plug and Play String Potentiometer

Autosport Labs Plug and Play String Potentiometer

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Product Description

The Autosport Labs string potentiometer sensor allows you to accurately measure linear or rotational distance up to 2 meters, and the M8 connector allows you to easily integrate it with a RaceCapture Plug and Play data logger.

This sensor includes mounting holes that provide a number of fabrication options. We usually mount these types of sensors using ‘L’ angle aluminum stock.

For instructions on configuring this sensor using the RaceCapture app, see this Autosport Labs blog post.

Connector Type

  • M8 3P connector, works with the Autosport Labs plug and play harness system


  • 10K ohm range
  • 500mm stainless steel draw cable
  • 2 meter cable