SoloStorm is optimized for 10Hz Bluetooth GPS receivers in addition to ELM 327 OBD-II Bluetooth readers. In fact, we recommend running SoloStorm with a minimum 5Hz GPS sampling rate – any less, and you just don’t get the full benefit of the software.

We carry the QStarz BT-Q818XT 10Hz Bluetooth GPS receiver and the OBDLink MX OBDII reader. We have also purchased a couple of very cheap ELM 327s of Chinese origin and have seen no initial problems in the Honda and Mazda vehicles that we have tested, however over time we have seen a few glitches. For this reason we only carry the OBDLink MX, as it uses an authentic ELM 327 and comes with a manufacturer-backed warranty.

We also carry the Autosport Labs RaceCapture/Pro Data Acquisition and Telemetry System and RaceCapture/Pro Bluetooth Module. When combined with SoloStorm, you have the best Solosport data logging and analysis platform available! The RaceCapture/Pro features a 10Hz GPS receiver, as well as multiple analog, digital and frequency inputs. This is the culmination of powerful hardware and mobile software to deliver unsurpassed driver and vehicle development!

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Attention Canadain Customers

We will be on vacation from June 10 until June 25, and therefore hardware shipments to Canadian customers will be delayed until  June 26.

Our online store is still open during this time.

All software orders and US hardware shipments will still be processed as usual.

We will still be responding to  support emails. Thanks for your understanding!